Pregnancy Playlist

Pregnancy Playlist

Below is the playlist I have made to play to our baby in the womb once the eardrums are formed. What am I missing? I would love some feedback to some stuff I should add!




Country Boy    Aaron Lewis
There Ain’t Nothing Wrong With The Radio    Aaron Tippin
High Cotton    Alabama
Where I Come From    Alan Jackson
A Long December    Counting Crows
Don’t Rock The Jukebox    Alan Jackson
Tall Tall Trees    Alan Jackson
Save Tonight    Eagle Eye Cherry
The Ballad Of Davy Crockett    Kentucky Head Hunters
(I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life    Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes
You And Me    Lifehouse
Keeper of the Stars    Tracy Byrd
My Everything    98º
Chicken Fried    Zac Brown Band
Whatever It Is    Zac Brown Band
Love’s Labor Found (Kendra’s Song)    Strange Occurrence
Free    Zac Brown Band
Runaway Train    Soul Asylum Read the rest of this entry »

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Hey! Vegans! You are not moral!

I recently became friends with a vegan. I frequently tell her how illogical veganism is and how they are hurting animals and not protecting them when they scream “blood sports” (i.e. hunting) are evil! Any way, I found an article that addresses veganists on a moral ground. Atheism and I disagree with much on a foundational level, however, we have found common ground here! Below you will find that article. Enjoy!

Vegan Proselytizers: Cognitive Dissonance Much?

I’ve grown weary of the growing number of proselytizing tirades from vegetarians and vegans; especially when they try to make eating meat a moral issue. Vegetarianism is a dietary preference . . . that’s all it is. Vegans take vegetarianism to its illogical extreme and invariably attempt to make it a moral issue. When they do, they are, at best, confusing compassion with morality. At worst, they’re food fascists wielding the scepter of moral superiority.

Go ahead and cite all the reasons why humans are herbivores. Yeah, list them to your heart’s content. Done? Now, get in your car, drive around, open your eyes and mind, then soak in the reality: McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King, Wendy’s, Sizzler, and other chain restaurants that purvey meat. How many restaurants don’t purvey meat? Barbeque, seafood, Chinese, Mexican, Italian, Japanese, Thai, French, Cuban, whatever: they all prominently feature meat. It’s even hard to find an Indian restaurant that doesn’t begrudge meat on their menu. Now don’t you feel silly, standing there with your list of reasons why we’re herbivores? There’s no denying we’re omnivores. Period. Read the rest of this entry »


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Real Conference – Real Manhood (Blog of Manly)

374150_10151291651306083_1981348688_n copyI recently attended the Real Conference 2012 in Garner, North Carolina. This is an annual men’s conference put on by Quest Fellowship. I wouldn’t normally drive over two hours to listen to someone talk, but this situation was a little different.

The speaker of the weekend was Author and Blog of Manly comrade Cliff Graham (@cliffgraham / @Lion_of_War). It was awesome getting to spend time with other brothers working toward the same goal – correcting the distorted cultural definition of what it is to be a man. Even if I was the Lone Wolf, not knowing anyone, there is something about being around Christian Brothers that just seems right. Josh has mentioned numerous times about having a group of guys to which you are bound. Even in the company of stranger believers, there is a solidarity among Christians that makes seemingly loose ties unbreakable.

I was a little late arriving to the first session. Read the rest of this entry »

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Heros: Feach McHugh O’Byrne (Blog of Manly)

When I was first thought who are my heros, I had many come to mind with Hoss and Ben Cartwright being the first. Then I heard the parameters and had to think awfully hard. Rightly so, Josh wanted to keep the Hall of Heroes restricted to real people because it’s easy to write a character profile for the hero. It is however, much more difficult to fulfill those qualities in real life. So I set on to thinking as to what real person I would consider a hero. I came to realize most of my hero’s were men (and even some ladies) who have stood up and fought against tyranny, fought against wrong, fought for freedom. William Wallace, Boudica, and so many other stories of soldiers and generals throughout history.

Courtesy of

The hero I will present to you is one of those soldiers, but has largely been forgotten as has his war. His name? Read the rest of this entry »

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Priorities Matter (Blog of Manly)

The last week of June, I took my Youth Group on an inland mission’s trip to Florida. Each night during the week we had devotions with the teens, staying in the same passage all week our focus was discussing priorities. In Haggai 1.2-11 the Israelites had returned from captivity and instead of completing the Temple, like they were commanded they went to build their houses only worrying about their own comfort. Their priorities were wrong. Our priorities should be ordered as such: God, Family, Country, then Self. Men should have an attitude of selfless servant hood.

As men we sometimes need to do a double check and make sure our priorities are in order. Read the rest of this entry »


Lessons From My Father (Blog of Manly)

This coming Sunday is father’s day. In celebration of our fathers I wanted to brag on mine by sharing how to be a great dad from the lessons he taught me.

Let me preface by saying that I do not have children. I can’t wait until I do. However, I have an awesome example that I hope I can emulate. My dad is a man of integrity, sacrifice, discipline and grit – and he’s a true friend. Read the rest of this entry »


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Call of a Warrior (Blog of Manly)

The inspiration for this Hashings came from two different places. 1) As you have been reading, Blog of Manly advocates that men are to be warriors. 2) One of my favorite singles out now, Volbeat’s “A Warrior’s Call.”

First let me brag on BOM. I am proud to be affiliated with a group of men that have a heart and burden for the men of this nation. Blog of Manly exists to be a “Call to Arms” if you will, for men to fight against the poison that is the “progressive re-genderization of men.” We are imploring men to stand and fight. Fight for yourselves, fight for your family, fight against any enemy that attempts to destroy you. Read the rest of this entry »


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Deviant Christianity

Departing from the usual standards of modern Christianity.

The Mitch |Niche|

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Blog of Manly

Blog of Manly challenges safe, weak, passive males to embrace the dangerous, strong, battle-ready manhood found in Christ


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